tool•box [tool′-boks]
a box or case in which tools are kept


The purpose of the Brain Injury Toolbox is to provide viewers with some tools they may find useful as they travel the road to recovery from a brain injury. Some tools included in this toolbox are educational films, reading material, and resources. The journey to recovery begins at the time of injury and may continue indefinitely. Every brain injury is different, and has its own unique pathway to recovery. The Brain Injury Toolbox has been developed to be a resource for the individual who has just sustained a brain injury and for the individual who may have been injured many years ago. It is for the person who may be presently hospitalized and for the person who has returned to the home and community. It is a resource for both the individual and for the family members. The Brain Injury Toolbox may be of use to those who work with and/or provide services to the person who has sustained a brain injury.

Life can change in an instant for the person who has sustained a brain injury, and for the family. The individual and his family may have many questions and be searching for available resources. The questions may focus on a wide issue of topics and needs.

The Brain Injury Toolbox is a place to begin gathering tools that will be used in the unfolding journey following a brain injury.


The Brain Injury Toolbox has been developed by the Brain Injury Association of Illinois to disseminate educational materials and other materials that may be useful tools to those whose lives have been impacted by brain injury, for professionals working with individuals who have sustained a TBI, and to the community at large.

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